Vision : We at ARNECH build  a resilient World, of Researcch  and Sustainable Development

Mission: Contribute to decision making based on Research Evidence

Main objective :

  • Provide required expertise in terms of Research and Decision-Making,

Specifique objectives:

  • Conduct research and Studies in Epidemiology and Socio-economic Areas.
  • Provide estimations and statistical projections for private and public sectors.
  • Provide expertise in designing of relevant performance Indicators and tools for Monitoring and Evaluations for businesses and projects.
  • Elaborate training modules in the following areas:
  • Research methods (Quantitative and Qualitative, Designing, organising  and implementing surveys for data collection)
  • Research projects and proposals Writing
  • Data management and Analysis
  • Monitoring and Evaluation of projects
  • Data visualisation and Geographic Informations Systems

Our Core Values

  • Scientific Integrity and arduous
  • Excellence and Devotion
  • Collaborative and Sharing
  • Respect and Commitment/Accountability

Competences and Expertise

  • Classification, Data clustering, Prediction, Statistical Data Analysis
  • Experimental Design and Analysis
  • Survey Design and Analysis
  • Statistical methods
  • Sampling Weighting
  • SPSS, R, STATA, Kobo Collect, E-views, QGIS, Mixed Model, Logistic Regression, Multivariate Statistics, Regression analysis and Testing
  • Data base development and Management
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