Current antibiotic treatment of active drug-susceptible

The current antibiotic treatment of active drug-susceptible TB, requires administration of a
combination therapy for 6 months, including the first-line drugs rifampin (RIF), isoniazid
(INH), pyrazinamide (PZA) and ethambutol (EMB) for 2 months, followed by RIF and INH
for 4 months [6].According to the poor response to the conventional treatment with first line
drugs, Tuberculosis’s treatment is difficult and the cure rates for multidrug-resistant
tuberculosis are low [4, 7]. Furthermore, about 1.7 billion people are known to be latently
infected by mycobacterium tuberculosis with about 10% of them reactivating to active TB in
their lifetime [6]The prevention of latent TB reactivation is also used a long treatment. It
consists at least 6 months of INH, or 3 to 4 months of RIF plus INH [1, 8]

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